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    “Any surgeon can be taught how to operate, but not every surgeon is willing to care. We treat people, not teeth.” Dr. Redmon

    It's Time for Dental Care
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About Dr Redmon

First and fore-most I am a husband, father, and now a grandfather. I am an outdoors person. I am ...
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Surgery day

What happens on my Surgery day? A step by step account of what you can expect on your surgery day
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Wisdom Teeth

Let's talk about wisdom teeth. What are wisdom teeth and why should they be removed?
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Written testimonials from our patients! You can read written testimonials from over fifty patients.
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Info to help you make an appointment- phone number, email, and office location. Give us a call!
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What is TMJ? Why does my temporomandibular joint (TMJ) hurt? Do I have TMJ if I hear clicking?
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Dry Sockets

Dry sockets are rare in our practice! That being said, what is a dry socket? Who gets them?
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After Surgery

What can I do after my surgery? A step by step account of what you can expect after your surgery.
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Testimonials Of Patients

Read what our patients have to say about us! You can read more testimonials in our Testimonials page.

... I have only had a few extractions in my 37 years of living in Winchester and they have only been performed by Dr. Redmon. He is the only physician I will ever see for this need and only recommendation I will ever give. My sincere thanks again to him and his staff for the excellent care I could ever receive !!!!!

Abigail Henderson

Dr. Redmon and his staff were phenomenal! They did a fantastic job. From the minute I walked in there for a consult to the second that I woke up from the surgery, they took great care of me. You all are the best, thanks for your wonderful services!
I actually just got my wisdom teeth taken out earlier this morning but I can’t help but write about my experience. From the consultation to the surgery I was constantly in the loop and felt like I was getting the best personal care. All of the staff were very friendly and Dr. Redmon even gave me a call a few hours later to check up on me. Everything went great and I couldn’t have asked for an easier or better experience. Thank you all so much!
The Best.... Plain and Simple